How Much Content Is Enough ?

How Much Content Is Enough ?

The average weekly wage in the United Kingdom is £550 (approx $725 USD)

Is it achievable to replace your weekly wage with income from an online business ? Yes, its more than achievable.

Lets say for instance that you start a membership website and you charge members £50 per month.

You have a small soft launch and you open the doors to your first 10 members – you know have £500 per month. Thats recurring income right there. £500 per month, every month as long as you keep them as members.

Now lets say you run a small promotion and gain another 10 members – yes another £500 per month. But add that to the £500 you already have coming in and from just having 20 members you are now earning £1000 per month.

£1000 per month, every month for only having 20 members. Can you visual 20 people in a room ?

There are 3 billion people on the internet and you only need 20 of them to sign up and you can make an income for yourself of £1000 per month (thats £12,000 per year)

Now you have 20 members, how easy would it be to add a few more. To have 50 members would bring in £2500.

You’ve just replaced your income.

Now you have true freedom. You can quite your boring 9 to 5 job. You can work where and when you like. That’s freedom.


And There’s More

But, here’s where it gets even more interesting.

You are your own boss. No one to answer to. So….why not give yourself a pay rise.

You write a fantastic insightful blog post, you film a tutorial video, launch a podcast, you gain another 10 members.

You just gave yourself a £500 a month pay rise. When was the last time your boss gave you a £6000 per year raise ?

You still only have 60 members. What if you had 100 members ? (£5000 per month or £60,000 per year)

But why stop there, what about 200 members (£10,000 per month or £120,000 per year), 300 members (£15,000 per month or £180,000 per year), 500 members (£25,000 per month or £300,000 per year) or even 1000 members (£50,000 per month or £600,000 per year).

These numbers are not pie in the sky, they are achievable.

Okay so the £50 per month is going to be at the top end of what you can charge your customers, but some niches and some professions can charge this much. But if you only charged £25 per month the numbers still stack up to a great income from something enjoyable and allowing you freedom to live your life as you please.

So what are you waiting for ? Every day that passes and you haven’t launched your own online business is money left on the table

Get started right now, and if you need any help, we can be right there with you to help you along the way.

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