The Team

The SystM Team

Let’s face we all need help at some stage or other. Yes, even me. So i roped in a few of my family members to help out in the areas that required either another hand (Member Support) and in areas that required someone even geekier than me (Video & Audio Production). Not only does this give them something to do, they are also really cheap. Its amazing what you can get these days for a few V-Bucks !

Richard Smile

Richard Bailey

CEO Founder Director

Worked online for over 20 years, since when connecting to the internet sounded like screaming cat. eCommerce & member site specialist. Loves WordPress.

Faye Smile

Faye Bailey

Sales Manager

Siberian Husky owner of over 20 years.

Oliver Smile

Oliver Bailey

Video & Audio Production

With a flourishing YouTube career in the making, he sometimes has time to do a bit of Course Video editing and Podcast editing for SystM.

Shania Smile

Shania Bailey

Member Support

Loves horses, dogs and other farmyard animals. She also does a spot of acting and has previously appeared on Emmerdale and other shows. 

Building a great team is an essential part of taking your online business to the next level. Not only does it free you up, it allows you time and space to think bigger as you start to scale your business into something special.